Ithaca Epic 950

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Ithaca Epic 950


Ithaca Epic 950 

Epic 950 Highlights

  • Casino Ticket-In/Ticket-out printer of choice
  • Upgradeable to real-time coupon printing with Epicentral and ServerPort™
  • Tickets and vouchers become eye-catching branding tools
  • Leverage your player tracking database to enhance loyalty and repeat business by delivering personalized promotions targeted to each player
  • Securely download firmware and graphics while the printer is in the game
  • Eliminate player / ticket interference, thanks to TicketBurst™
  • Quickly disconnect and exchange printers while the game power is ON
  • Receive proactive printer and ticket printing status information
  • Seamlessly integrate the Epic 950® into existing games – it’s code and form-factor compatible with all game types
  • 4.46”W x 11.25”D x 2.66”H

Item was pulled from a working slot machine.

Item has been tested and is in 100% working condition

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